Branding, on the mend: Our logo journey

Martin? … Martha? .... What about Mend? Just like naming a baby, naming our brand was a massively important process with long lasting effects.   

Our group name had gone through three revisions before we officially launched. We wanted to create (and tick with!) a name which would have a memorable impact. 

Keep on reading to see how we put a name to our collective faces  

Our Aims

1. Create something fun, bouncy and joyful  
2. Provide a subtle hint to healthcare 
3. Have a "young" persona, using bold colours and visuals  


There were MANY questionable names in our initial brainstorm...doctors of design.... Treats... Poorly creatives ?! Pod then suggested "Healthy". It kept the brand open while also hinting at our work. 

Healthy. We had a name!  

We then went about draughting logos, using our restriction of bold colours and block shapes.  

We started playing around with combining these shapes and produced a final logo, expanding the components of the logo to form a background for the site. 

What we thought was the final logo …

What we thought was the final logo …

We were SO proud of ourselves with our initial design, which was a combination of "H", "D" and a hospital cross.  

But on presenting the final design to a graphic design tutor, we were told that it "was not terrible" and looked more like a pharmaceutical company trying to be edgy.  

We were told to embrace our personalities over professional imagery. The biggest issue was that we needed a name with more of a kick.... 

Back to the drawing board.... 

We revised our names and eventually came up with "on the mend", both for its connotations of feeling better and for mending the healthcare environment. It was youthful...punchy...perfect.  

We thought long and hard about the name and its implications, checking with other artists in the field and NHS clinicians who were drawn to it for its memorability. We had our name! 

I wanted to make use of the ‘okay symbol’, as it linked to the idea of feeling better. After lots of drawings, I had a eureka moment! The lines which made up the okay symbol also looked like the letters M-E-N-D. I liked that this wasn’t too obvious in the design, creating a n ‘aha’ moment for those keen eyed viewers. 

The final logo

Mathilda and I then revised some colours, being sure to keep it fun and playful. We avoided clinical forms of blue and green. We used four colours, one for each letter of ‘mend’ for our brand.  

Sophia Luu