Viewing the Art Collection at Charing Cross Hospital

on the mend has had a relationship with the Imperial Trust Charity ever since our Ministry of Loneliness Project. Lucy, Kate and Delphine have been incredible supporters of our work, and in arts in West London Hospitals in general.

We met up with them at Charing Cross hospital for a tour of the public art for our latest project, Demistify, which looks at ways in which Hospital Art collections can be accompanied with scents to add to the experience of viewers with dementia and brain injury.

Public Art

It was incredibly refresing to see how well-selected artwork can positively transform a hospital space. From the stained glass and hand painted stations in the cross in the chapel, to the abstract works in the waiting rooms, each piece had a small and meaningful impact on the surrounding space.

Charing Cross hopsital also has a regular changing exhibition with local charities, as well as an archive collection which was used to educate people on the history of the hospital.

Viewing the Art Collection

The collection itself is near the estates part of the hospital and was like a little treasure trove.

The hospital art collection is accredited by Arts council and inlcudes a variety of paintings and prints. Some were donated by ex patients, others by local art students and some were aquisitions from the hospital.

Some of the works cannot be used for public display, as a few featured nudes or inappropriate imagery. In such cases the work is auctioned off to staff to raise money for the hospital. It was a resourceful way of managing the restraints of public art.

Lots of hospitals have artworks which are not currently on display and have lots of potential to bring joy to someone else. It has given us new and exciting directions to take our work!

Many thanks to Lucy and Kate for taking the time to show us around the hospital.

Sophia Luu