Visit to Art in Site

Art in Site is a team of artists, designers, and consultants based in Soho, London. They make integrated art schemes for the Heathcare and education sectors.

They produce sculpture, furniture, interior design schemes, illustration, apps, wayfinding & signage. 

In 2017, their work for Children’s Emergency won them four awards including a highly commendable prize at the European Healthcare Awards. In October 2018 they won an award for the Best Collaborative Arts Static from Building Better Healthcare. 

Jon Wilks the Head Judge for the competition, praised them for providing a “great ice breaker with the younger, more shy children, and a fantastic way of explaining what will happen to them next.” 

They have worked with a number of established clients, including: Buckingham Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; University College Hospital; The King's Fund and Moorfields Eye Hospital. 

Louisa Williams, the founder and director of Art in Site has studied at the University of Manchester and was the director of Howick Contemporary Art, a public art consultancy for ten years. She founded Art in Site in 2003 and was soon joined by Martin Jones, who was appointed director in 2008.  

Martin has a background in art and has studied at Goldsmiths and RA before going on to launch a business that encapsulate his love for art, film, media and writing. He now works full time with Art in Site. 

In November, the on the mend collective went to visit Art in Site at their office. We were greeted by Louisa and Martin. We spoke about their experiences in gaining relations and working in healthcare environments.  

Martin shared his advice and spoke of our potential to work as a collective and interact as new agents in this field. He encouraged us to formulate some goals which was motivating and said that he would happily keep in touch with us in the future. 

We would like to thank Art in Site for their time and hope to meet again within them soon.

Sophia Luu