Common Ground

Meaningful Encounters in Galleries


Museums and galleries are becoming places that people visit to improve their health and well-being.


We have a duty to make these spaces more welcoming.

How can the cultural sector create meaningful encounters between people as well as the arts?

Often in gallery spaces, people are intimidated by meeting someone new. We’re created an event to change this, helping people to find common ground.

Our Response

Visitors our workshop were given a strip of material. The aim of the game is to find someone else with a strip of material and find something you have in common with them. It could be anything - from your dislike of swiss cheese to the fact you’ve both recently had a cold.

The strangers then return in pairs to our area, where they write the things they have in common on the fabric. We will then tie this into a knot rag which will be displayed on the floor as a visual representation of people coming together to find common ground.


Photos from the Affordable Art Fair at Hampstead



Concept: Mathilda Della Torre, Molly Bonnell, Rashmi Shankar, Sophia Luu and Lottie Bolster

Event Facilitators: Sophia Luu, Mathilda Della Torre, Molly Bonnell, Rashmi Shankar