The Ministry of Loneliness @ Tate Exchange

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January 2019.

Loneliness is a national health crisis.  

1/3 of older people experience loneliness. The second largest group likely to feel lonely are 21-35 year olds.

In 2017, Theresa May appointed a Minister for Loneliness, following the Jo Cox report on loneliness. 

We wanted to show that there is always a small thing you can do to combat loneliness.

On Sunday 20th January, we invited members of the public to the Tate Modern.They wrote letters to those in long term healthcare. We will then distribute these to those in elderly care homes and those likely to be feeling lonely.

The Response:

You don’t need to be a doctor or a minister to help combat loneliness. Donating a bit of time goes a long way. We’ve set up the Ministry of Loneliness to bring loneliness into the public conversation.

Over 700 people came to the event, and we gained 300 letters in total. We are now collaborating with London Secondary Schools to get even more letters! 

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response and we have appointments to distribute the letters at homeless shelters and carehomes in the next few weeks.    

We hope to reuse the pop up in town centers and public venues across the UK, to raise awareness and show people that there are small ways they can help to combat loneliness.

Replying to a Letter

If you received a letter and would like to reply, please fill out the form below and the message will be posted on our site! Please note that you don't need to include details about yourself (including your name) if you don't want to.


Project Lead: Sophia Luu

Pop up design & build:Alex Clarke,Lucia Lanzalaco, Sophia Luu & Pod Hughes 

Stationery, Branding & Graphics: Mathilda Della Torre, Sophia Luu & Akanksha Bhasme

Participating Artists: Mathilda Della Torre, Lottie Bolster, Chang Gao, Sarah Graham, Laura Madeley, Kim Judge, Molly Bonnell, Gazbia Sorour, Michaela Wenkert, Akanksha Bhasme and Mariana Pena Montiero 

‘Ministry’ Concept: Laura Madeley