Our Team


Sophia Luu

Founder & Managing Director 

Sophia is a good designer – that is, she uses her work to promote positive social change. Her current projects involve designing period positive campaigns, documenting her Vietnamese roots and writing a graphic novel about child abuse. 

She has a degree in the History of Science and studied at Kingston, Central Saint Martins (MA) and the University of Cambridge (BA), where she guest lectured on the language of smell.

Sophia likes to dabble in all aspects of life - she’s been a voice actress, a junior nail technician and is related to an official canonized saint!

mathilda RED.jpg

Mathilda Della-Torre

Co-Director & Project Manager

Mathilda is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Being half French, half Italian, having lived in several European countries and worked in Morocco and India, she highly values multicultural collaborations.

She uses her art as a way to look closer for longer, to portray how she sees small portions of the world, to bring people together through creative exchanges and to position peripheral voices in the centre of our stories. But most importantly, she loves the sunshine, drawing, falafel, London, charity shops and all shades of pink. (Nice jumper Mats!)

Our Designers

Rashmi Laugh2.jpg

Rashmi Shankar

Visual Researcher

Rashmi enjoys telling stories. She has previously worked with a travel magazine in Mumbai (India), documenting people and places through writing, photo research, production, and social media. She’s on a mission to explore all the museums in London. Rashmi truly values people: Her dream world? One where every individual feels supported and empowered to be everything they are. #InsideScoop: as a child she was shortlisted to host a popular kids' channel in India -oh, to have had a TV career that ended before it began!